Hints & Tips

Important info concerning strap products:

Please use all products only for which they were intended.

Note: QuickStraps and other backboard straps are intended to be used as backboard straps only. DO NOT USE AS GURNEY OR IN-VEHICLE RESTRAINTS.

Note:  When tightening straps with adjustable buckles, such as on the “EZ Carry” Hose Carrier, you should do the adjustment first – then close the buckle. You will get a much tighter adjustment and prevent the buckle from breaking. It may take a few tries to get it where you want it.

Tip:  With the “EZ Carry” the secret in getting the hose bundle not to sag in the middle is to, after making the accordion folds, put a 90° twist in the entire bundle.

Tip:  When using the "HydrantLoop" be sure to have at least 9 feet of folded LDH in the adjustable loop.  This will ensure you will have enough slack to connect to the hydrant.

Important info concerning cleaning strap and bag products:

Tip. Just use a hair brush to remove dry dirt from fabric.  Hook and loop can be cleaned with a grill brush by bushing across the hook grain.

Tip.  Try to remove smaller spots with plain soap and water. DO NOT USE A SPOT REMOVER.

Tip.  Nylon is made from petroleum.  Cordura is also nylon.  Therefore, avoid getting other petroleum products on the fabric.  Never use gasoline, oil, or other such products on your straps or bags.  It will stain and the stain will be permanent.

Note.  Zipper and other hardware is made of acetal or Delrin.  It is a very durable material but has a very narrow PH range. DO NOT GET ANY ACIDIC OR CAUSTIC CLEANERS ON ZIPPERS OR HARDWARE. It turns them to sugar!

Note.  If your strap or bag becomes soiled or contaminated by body fluids it must be washed using a mild soap (such as Joy) and water with chlorine bleach.  To hand wash, mix small amount of soap in at least two gallons of water, add one-half cup of Chlorine bleach and mix well before using.  To machine wash, fill machine to "high" or "full-load" level, add normal laundry detergent and 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach then agitate until will mixed before adding fabric.  Additional recommended procedures:

1). Remove all bag contents.
2). Remove all removable plastic inserts and bottoms. Some of these are held in with 
hook and loop fasteners, others just snap in.
3). Clip off all loose threads and frayed fabric, especially on the inside seams.
4). Remove loose dirt with a stiff brush.
5). Using a regular liquid laundry detergent, re-treat any nasty spots by rubbing 
6). If using a machine: 
  a.  Use gentle cycle, warm water, full-load level.
  b.  Fill machine with water FIRST, then add normal amount of your regular
        laundry  detergent and ½ cup of chlorine bleach.
  c.  Agitate to mix.
  d.  Add bags, wash and rinse for normal cycle. DO NOT SPIN DRY AFTER RINSE CYCLE.
  e.  Remove bags and drip dry. Fabric softener may be used to remove wrinkles, if necessary.
7). Hand wash using same general procedures. DO NOT APPLY ANY  BLEACH DIRECTLY 
8) Check for and clip any loose threads and frayed fabric.
9). Replace plastic inserts when dry. YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!


  Rhino uses the finest zipper material available.  Most of our zipper chain is made from molded acetal or Delrin on a nylon or polyester tape.  This is a very strong, light weight, durable material that has a good life span under normal operating conditions.  However, it does have a very narrow PH range.  It if comes in contact with fluids that are highly acidic or caustic it will crumble like sugar.  Please be careful of any cleaning or disinfectant fluids, especially the caustic ones.  Never use them full strength.  A good rule; if it burns your skin it will probably destroy the zipper. 

      For normal cleaning we recommend brushing away the dirt or washing with just plain soap and water.  If it is contaminated with body fluids then you can add the chorine bleach as above.

    You can also occasionally put a little KY Jelly on the zipper teeth.  DO NOT USE motor oil or other petroleum based lubricants.