1) . Products manufactured by Rhino can be returned for full credit or refund within 30 days of purchase without penalty. They will be accepted regardless of their condition as long as any wear was due to normal use for their intended purpose.

2) . Additionally, products manufactured by Rhino are covered by a two-year (see note 1) warranty against all defects in material and workmanship. Strap products carry an additional three-year warranty for a total of five years. Within the warranty period Rhino will repair, replace, or refund your money as appropriate.

3) . Medical supplies, such as bandages, must be returned in their original sealed wrappers within 30 days. Medical supplies not in their original sealed wrappers will not be accepted. Medical equipment, such as stethoscopes and BP sets, and other purchased items must be returned within 30 days and may be subject to a restocking fee not to exceed 15%. Most purchased items carry a separate manufacture's warranty, which should protect you beyond our 30-day return limitation. Be sure the save any included warranties. All purchased items returned must be in resalable condition.

4) . Out-of-warranty items manufactured by Rhino can be repaired for a nominal charge of $15.00. The item must be considered as still having a useful life. If the item is considered beyond repair, we may still offer a discount for you to purchase a replacement. Getting the item to Rhino is your responsibility; we will pay the shipping for its return to you. Customers with an account will be invoiced; others should include a payment of $15.00 along with the item to be repaired. All $15.00 repairs must be for failures caused by normal use for the intended purpose. See "Warranty Service" below.

5) . Bottom line; we stand behind our products and we will always be fair. Your satisfaction is our “Job One!” If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions please call 1-800-383-9843. We want to keep you as a customer!

Warranty Services

Rhino will repair all items it manufactures free within the warranty period (See Above).

Out-of-warranty items may be repaired for a nominal fee of $15.00. Check our warranty page for particulars. If in doubt, please call us at 1-800-383-9843.

Return approvals: We don't require a return authorization, however, we suggest you contact us before returning the item. We may be coming your way and can pick it up or may offer alternatives.

Charges: Items within their warranty period will be repaired at no additional cost to you, except any inbound shipping charges you might incur. Out-of-warranty may be repaired for a nominal charge of $15.00 (see Warranties above). Customers with an established account will be invoiced for the $15.00. All other customers should include the $15 along with the item to be repaired. Please don't send cash. Check, money order, or credit cards are accepted. If you prefer, you can call or fax in your credit card information. Note: Our fax machine in located in a limited-access office area, normally limited to just me Dawn.

Sending to Rhino: You can return the item in person, either to our office or maybe at one of the many trade show we attend. UPS, Fedex, or U.S. Mail, etc. also may be used. We suggest UPS since we have daily pickup/delivery. Sorry, but what ever it costs to get it to us is your responsibility.

Repairs: Rhino will repair all damages for the one $15.00 fee. Damages must be due to wear and tear from normal, intended use. Most common damage is zipper failure. We do use the best available but it still is a common failure. See "Zippers" under hints and tips. Rhino may repair other damages due to misuse, etc., however, there may be an additional charge. Call us first.

Information to include: Please be sure and include a note as to what you want repaired, your name, return address, and a phone number; and the company name that purchased the item along with you payment (if required).

Return shipping: Rhino will return your repaired item, prepaid, by UPS unless you specify otherwise.

Follow-up warranty: The two-year warranty period, for the problems actually repaired, will be recalculated from the date-of-repair. All other problems fall under the original warranty. Situations not covered here: CALL US AND DISCUSS THE PROBLEM. WE WILL WORK WITH YOU!